Wow what an adventure! I have experienced so many emotions during my 365 photo project (a picture a day for a year), ranging from excitement to frustration.

I wanted to share with this community my lessons learned during this past year.

I have discovered that there is always something to take a picture of (somethings are more interesting that others).

Lighting is everything, you may not be in the best lighting situation. You need to move around and try different angles and how to add to those lighting conditions to make them more ideal.

Photoshop, Lightroom so many techniques on how to make the picture more of my own (still learning here).

One of the hardest things I learned was editing myself. Every once in awhile I would get home from shooting; super excited to go through my pictures for that day and they were all crap. So what do you do when you're posting a picture a day for a year and all of your pictures that day are crap? You have to pick the best crap picture and click “upload”.

Shoot what you love, if you're not interested in what you're shooting no one will be interested.

If you have a family and you plan on doing this project, make them part of it. My family and I went on so many fun adventures this past year all for my project.

Taking a photo a day for a year is very rewarding but also very hard at same time. If you're not feeling well or camping in the middle of nowhere you still need to take a picture. I found the project very difficult during the week my family moved 100+ miles away from our family home of 13 years. So for my sanity I took a week off (10/22-10/28), which made my project completion a week later than expected.

Would I do it again - yes, but not this year (I need a break).

What's next for me?
I will still be out taking pictures every chance I get. This year I’m going to try to give more details on my pictures (pre and post). I love when other photographers give insight to their pictures and how they set up the shot and what type of processing they did.

Thank you to the 500px community for your support and feedback you all assisted me with this project in one way or another.



P.S. As last year was a leap year, I technically have one more picture which I will upload tomorrow :)

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