I'd like to say this was a planned shot. I tend to take pride in my ability to "forecast" a cool image and then setup to be at the perfect spot at just the right moment.

Well, not this time!

I was actually arriving early at Mobius Arch in Alabama Hills to take an altogether different view of this arch when the setting moon dancing with the early colors of sunrise caught my eye. I quickly maneuvered around until I found a view I liked and started shooting.

If it doesn't sound like I was very excited, that's because I really wasn't, not at the time.

See, I was busy making that classic sin many photographers like to commit - I had a shot in mind, this wasn't it, so I took a couple quick snaps and went on to the "good" shot I was initially after.

In fact, I was so blinded by the shot I was originally going for (that I didn't get, BTW) that this image sat in my files for over a year! Then I noticed it again and realized the prize that morning really wasn't the one I had in mind - it was this!

As I looked at the image with a much more open mind, I realized what a rare opportunity I had experienced out there:

1. I had a setting moon with colorful red clouds - how often do you see that?

2. In addition, I really liked the position of the moon and clouds - it looks like an "eye" staring down at the arch. Had the clouds been just a bit different that morning,t his would have been a no-go.

3. Plus, the location of the moon was extraordinary - I couldn't have asked for a better position - heck, this shot is probably only possible one day a year!

4. On top of all that, the arch looks pretty sweet in that mix of moonlight and twilight - and there's even a few lingering stars!

Sometimes you just don't know how good you have it!

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