Recently I've been addicted to seascape photography thanks to so many awesome photos I'm seeing on the internet. Unfortunately, Japan isn't well known for seascapes so with the help of Google Maps, I searched for coastlines with interesting rock formations near the Yokohama area.

The closest I could find was in the Miura Peninsula just a 20 minute walk from the Misakiguchi station. I arrived after lunch time which gave me enough time to scout and practice some long exposure photography with my newly acquired ND400 filter.

As the sun continued to go down, my battery ran quite low very fast because of the constant use of live view mode. I was still confident as I knew I had a spare battery ready to go at any moment but to my shock, when I replaced my current battery, it was also running low on juice as well.

After pissing and moaning like a little girl for a few minutes, I decided just to wait it out and make sure to save the remaining life on my battery for the best light. I scouted the area freely as I left all my heavy gear at one place. It was very frustrating not to capture the moment but I learned more about composition by scouting around than lugging my gear.

When golden hour came, I had everything perfectly set up. I knew what I wanted to shoot, my tripod was already at the right place and I had everything ready to go. With a little bit of luck I was able to capture this image as sun broke through the clouds for a brief moment coupled with the waves rushing in.

Looking back, I am happy to avert total disaster and still manage to get a few keepers. It made me re-think about how much scouting and preparation plays a huge role in making a good shot. It also reminded me of the good old days of camera where you are limited by the number of shots you can take. Overall, it was a good experience for me but I wouldn't want to experience that mistake again.

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