Abandoned gypsum mine hopper, Murray-Sunset National Park.

We took a 5hrs drive through 4X4 tracks in the middle of no where to look for this abandoned mine hopper. It was just standing there in a vast plain. The structure is about 10-15m tall. It just look like something from a movie set.

This is a full 360 panoramic done with TS-E 17mm on a custom L-plate and a macro slider (for nodal point). Panorama was done with tilt value of about 1.5+.

Do you get banding in a clear blue sky? It's called posterization. How to fix banding in the sky?

SOLUTION: Go to channels in photoshop and see which one has the most noise, in this case it was the red channel. I sample the darker tone and then paint over the patches/banding with soft, low opacity brush. Next step is to add noise until you can not see the banding - done. Then I use to use imagenomic - noiseware to further reduce noise. You could also use blur and mask to just the sky.

EXTRA STEPS: Usually after post processing, there are patches of dark and light area in the sky. I run imagenomic - portraiture plug-in on the photo.

Portraiture plug-in is designed to clean skin tone on portrait images but it can also work on any images.

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