Abhishek Patel

Everything will be perfect Tonight and forever

So a month full of unplanned endeavors, we ended up searching for a suitable location for this weekend, we already did Milkyway last week, so that was out of the question, moreover it was time for full moons and super high tides during sunset and sunrise, so were checking for places around Surat, suddenly what hit me was, well we never did a moonscape at Shuwali, and the clouds at night looked promising but what I always learnt was never trust the clouds, they always ditch, so the plan was set at almost about 2am. Somehow I missed my alarm at 3.30am, but was woken up by Sagar and Niken, and the first thing I saw was, the clouds, and wow i was in awe, we left our respective houses at 4am and reached Shuwali well before 5am, giving us about 30 mins window of pure moonlight before the twilight kicks in. We all went to our favorite spots, while some where still setting up their cameras, after about 30mins of Moonscapes, I saw one of the purest blue light coming from the east end, only the last time i saw a light like this was in NZ. I quickly changed from 14mm to the less wider but sharper and more acurate 17-40, while waiting for the beautiful twilight to kick in, we all waved at each other as a sign of sucess and worthiness to sacrifice our sleep for this little moments of joy :). Suddenly all our tiredness vanished and everyone was running around for different and unique frames, while i was seeing each shade of orange slowly making its way to the west before the Sun peeping out :D.

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