People, for the most part, are like sheep; if one does one thing, they all follow in suit. Where is the stand out? The oddball or the independent? What happened to individuality and self expression? Seems to be a thing of the past. Society has become too uniform and bland; everyone doing the same things and just going with what they think is "normal" or "socially accepted." Sure, we've all fallen victim to it once or twice. I was walking around my campus today listening to music and watched as people went by. Students of various ages carrying textbooks of subjects ranging from chemistry to law to history to journalism. Did they all grow up as kids dreaming that they would be doing what they are doing today? Did that young man dream of one day becoming a chemist? Did that write in her diary as a kid "When I grow up, I want to major in journalism?" Possibly so, but I doubt it. People rarely follow their dreams nowadays due to pressure society has put forth. That's why I like to be different. All my friends were buying jacked up trucks and souped up muscle cars...I bought a MINI. My peers are studying hard to be doctors, lawyers, business owners, and engineers; I plan on going to racing school. It's good to be different and that's why I take the road less traveled. It's because of those roads that one gets to experience something beautiful, something relatively unknown and under-appreciated. You only live once, go forth and explore.

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