Bertrando Campos

Rufous-headed Tanager (Hemithraupis ruficapilla)

Slight geographical overlap with the broadly similarly plumaged Guira Tanager (Hemithraupis guira) is known in the interior of southeast Brazil, where hybridization between the two species has been reported, but in general the Rufous-headed Tanager and its apparent closest relative are allopatrically distributed, and therefore should not be confused. In any case, males of the present species have the entire head deep rufous, and the two species segregate to some extent by habitat, with Guira Tanagers favoring drier, deciduous woodlands, although it should be noted that female Guira and Rufous-headed Tanagers are probably indistinguishable in the field. The Rufous-headed Tanager is a generally fairly common inhabitant of forest borders and tall second growth to at least 1500 m, and is found from southern Bahia south to Santa Catarina.

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