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With approximately 850 recorded bird species, the country of Costa Rica boasts one-tenth of the world's total. More than 630 are resident species; the remainder are occasionals who fly in for the winter. Birds that have all but disappeared in other areas still find tenuous safety in protected lands in Costa Rica, though many species face extinction due to deforestation. The nation offers hope for such rare jewels of the bird world as the quetzal and the scarlet macaw, both endangered species yet commonly seen in protected reserves. Like other toucans, the Collared Aracari is brightly marked and has a large bill. The adult is typically 39–41 cm (15–16 in) long and weighs 190-275 grams (6.7-9.7 oz.)The sexes are alike in appearance, with a black head and chest and dark olive green upperparts, apart from a red rump and upper tail. There is reddish collar on the rear neck which gives rise to the English and scientific (torquatus) names The underparts are bright yellow, with a round black spot in the centre of the breast and a red-tinted black band across the belly. The thighs are chestnut.The bare facial skin is black, becoming ruddy behind the yellow eye. The upper mandible of the bill is dull yellow, marked with a black saw-tooth pattern on the cutting edge, and a black tip. The lower mandible is black, and the legs are green.Juvenile Collared Aracaris are much duller, with sooty-black head and brownish green upperparts. The red rump and yellow underparts are paler, and the breast spot, belly band and bill pattern are indistinct.The call of the Collared Aracari is a loud, sharp pseek, or peeseek.---------El tucancillo collarejo o arasarí acollarado, es un pequeño tucán con aspectos físicos semejantes a los de un paseriforme. Habita desde el sur de México hasta Panamá, comparto con vosotros una bella pose de bello bokeh, espero sea de vuestro agrado, y no dudeis en visitar mi web para disfrutar de mayores resoluciones, compra de fotos o de otros artículos etc...

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