"POHELA BOISHAKH" (1st day of BENGALI NEW YEAR..which was on 14th of April) is undoubtedly one of the most enjoyable occasion for Bangladeshis..And without "PANTA BHAAT*" & "ILISH MACH (Hilsha Fish)" the occasion seems INCOMPLETE. It just become a kind of tradition now a days here..n EVERYONE enjoys being a "PANTA-ILISH BANGALI" specially on "POHELA BOISHAKH"...so am i ;) ..POHELA BOISHAKH spells its magic on us every year and we get hooked to "ilish mach"..

For That special Day Some likes "ILISH FRY" or "SHORSHA ILISH CURRY" (which is "HILSHA FISH" cooked with MUSTURD PASTE)..i always prefer "SHORSHA ILISH" :D

This is a very lame picture taken during my lunch time on that day..It was cooked by my Dearest MOM..n SPECIALLY for me..as i was the ONLY person left at home that day as i was a LITTLE ill..n had my lunch all alone..so she cooked everything I LOVE before (i know she loves me :P)..OHHH i did really missed all the outdoor fun that day..but i did took rest..watched the whole season 7 of "CRIMINAL MINDS"..n ENJOYED MYSELF :D (other than SHORISHA ILISH..i loooooooooooooooooove Detective+Crime investigation kinda TV series a load :))..

*Panta means "soaked in water" and bhat means "boiled rice". This dish of leftover rice soaked in water to prevent spoiling, is generally served with salt, onion and chili.

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