If you happened to read the accompanying text to my last post, you may recall me mentioning macaques - like baboons and chimpanzees - are my least favourite primates, for the principal reason that they far too frequently display behavioural traits toward each other that mimic the worst character traits of mankind. Each of these species chooses to live in social groups, yet squabbling at best and vicious fighting at worst seems to flare up at regular intervals; the way I see it, again as with mankind, for the most part this all comes down sudden feelings of insecurity: he's taking food that's rightly mine, she's sitting in my place, they're just not respecting me the way that they should!

The phrase “a little knowledge is a dangerous thing” rings true here: insecurities such as these are often based on a small amount of experience and ideas we build upon those, which combined with a quick temper can easily lead to necessary misunderstandings and irrational knee-jerk reactions.

Perhaps the only time one sees absolute peace, harmony, unconditional love, and security within the aforementioned primate groups is when observing a mother with her young; up to a certain age, the young pose no threat, they seek only warmth, comfort, and food that their mother provides. As long as their mother can protect them from adult males aiming to take over as the dominant leader of their group, the innocence of youth is no doubt going to be the most carefree and pleasurable times of their lives.

The subjects you see here are a mother Lion-Tailed Macaque feeding her baby. One of a number of pictures I captured at Howletts Wildlife Park, Kent, UK.

Thanks for your interest and wishing you a great one ahead :^)

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