Gary Holmes

White Sportcoat and a Pink Flycatcher

This leucistic Red-Tailed Hawk returned to its summer home in rural Brazos County within the past two weeks, although I did not see its partner today. I didn't notice the incidentally captured Scissor-Tailed Flycatcher until I started processing the photo, but I think its pink belly complements the residual rusty color of the hawk's tail. Many animals occasionaly produce leucistic variants, which are not true albino because they retain pigment in their eyes and variably on their bodies. There are photographs online of leucistic red-tailed hawks that are nearly completely white, making it pretty hard to identify them. I had originally thought this was one of the predominantly white species of kites, but none have the rusty red tail with thin tips of black and white that identifies it as a red-tailed hawk. However, I am no expert, and invite others who specialize in raptors to feel free to correct me if I am off-base. ______________________________________Gary Holmes, photographer: I am an opportunist photographer of nature, landscapes, abstract, and other found objects of interest. I prefer to capture the spontaneity of things and events as they are occurring, and rarely photograph staged subjects other than portraits. Although I have been a photographer for decades, I have only started posting them for others to see since about September 2012. Please see my largest collection of photographs posted at I had sufficient encouragement from posts on other sites to try putting some up for sale on Fine Art America (FAA), which offers a wide range of printing and mounting options not currently available on 500px. As a result, I have successfully sold some of my works. Unfortunately, photography is not my primary field, and I have limited time to expand my online presence, but I will continue to steadily post more of my best works on 500px and/or FAA every week. Please revisit my sites periodically. If you love, like, respect, a

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