Advaita doctrine or Advaita Vedanta is a branch of Hinduism nondualistic affirming the unity of the soul (atman) and divinity (Brahman). The person who consolidated the principles of Advaita Vedanta was Adi Shankara.

Advaita doctrine promotes the existence of a being attached to all existing beings, so much so that no question of relationship between different beings, but overall unit. It is the union between the perceiver and the perceived.

The false appearance of multiple what really is one, is because of conceptualizing mental function, which is to define and to divide it into parts which is not divided. Thus, when the mind leaves the conceptualization, the reality of being one is revealed, leaving no doubt as a purely objective.

Given the fundamental question "Who am I? ', The answer is no conceptualization. The expression "I am" followed by silence suggests this response.

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Bando Moro * Comparsa "Huestes del Cadí"

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