While visiting the UK last March, I enjoyed five full days of photography split between three different wildlife parks. As always my principal focus was on felines, however, I wasn't going to pass up on the opportunity of spending some time with a number of primates I had only ever seen pictures of before. Prior to arriving in England, I had done a little research so I knew which species where to be found at each of these parks, and the one I was most excited to photograph was this one, the Gelada Baboon (Latin name: Theropithecus gelada).

When I first saw a picture of this animal I was immediately struck by it's eyes. Enhanced all the more by the pale colouration of their eyelids starkly contrasting with the rest of their face seemingly painted all black, it appears like a twist of nature has encased a human within a mask and the body of a monkey. If you are having difficulty seeing this yourself, don't worry, it has been said that my creative imagination often has a tendency of running way with itself!

Thank you for your interest and hope you're enjoying a beautiful weekend!

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