Balsamroot blooms on Oregon's Rowena plateau at sunrise.

6-exposure DOF blend for the foreground and midground at ISO 1250, f/8 (it was windy and I was extremely close to the flowers)

1 exposure for sky/sun at ISO 100, f/22

"Oh, but ISO 1250 would be noisy!", you say. Nope. (100% crop)

How? ETTR. Apparently Canon sensors don't follow the laws of physics, so the concept of Equivalence doesn't apply. Shoot higher, pull it down later, yeah - but it works with just ISO, too, which doesn't change the amount of light forming the image. Strange, but I'd even say it's necessary for clean images on this body. That's the KEY! THE KEY, I SAY. The key to curing the SHADOW BANDING BLUES.

Regarding the sunstar, which you're probably all wondering how I achieved on a 17-40: that's SUPER SECRET. But it involves a lot of internal SPITE toward those of you that can afford 16-35L IIs, so I decided to find a way to replicate that jazz in post using the 17-40's rendition as a base. :)

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