The legend of the Ledge:

The foliage is not quite at its peak but still pretty. I prefer these clouds to the blue skies for these type of shots any day. I really need to photograph people at places like this. I added some poor soul in there for scale ;)

It was windy and I did not correct the image for the movement of the trees. When viewed up close, the movement combined with the HDR effect produce an impressionist feel to the trees. The leaves look as though they are made from small paint strokes or small dabs from a paintbrush.

"One of the most popular, easiest and fun hikes locally is the walk to Assonet Ledge. The ledge was a result of quarrying a unique type of granite called Arkose Granite, by the Fall River Granite Company during the 1800s. This granite was used in various construction projects that are still standing today: Fort Adams, Taunton State Hospital, New Bedford WaterWorks, New York State House in Albany and some of the Newport mansions."

"This forest has numerous paranormal or otherwise bizarre happenings. There have been reports of Zombies, Native American spirits, Pukwudies, Cults, Strange large orbs and much more. In general it can be said it is a buffet of paranormal activity. Cattle mutilations have been found with highly percise incisions... and noone knows where the cows came from in the first place. Assonet Ledge, located in the forest, has had its share of tragedies throughout the years. It has been the place of numerous suicides and car dumpings. Not even the most professional divers can reach the bottom of it. The ledge is approx. 80 feet. Some people have sensed an overwhelming feeling of dread and melancholy at the ledge. It is also a hotspot for cult activity, as well as various parts throughout the forest, mainly the Southern side. It is said there are unfound bodies scattered in the forest, perhaps due to the cult activity. there has been evidence of Hoodoo and Santeria found here. Phantom fires have been seen in the forest, especially around Profile Rock, a site sacred to the Native Americans. This large rock has the shape of a face. It is climbable. Atop, you can see Fall River and Taunton. This also may be the spot where King Philip hid the Satchem Belt. King Philip is said to haunt these grounds, scaring visitors off. There are many many more stories surrounding this forest, too much to explain here..."

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