Another young animal I've been having some fun with lately up at Khao Kheow Open Zoo here in Thailand is this delightful little black-capped capuchin who goes by the name of Kung-fu. Why is he named Kung-fu? Good question! To the best of my knowledge he's not been trained in the martial arts, so I think it's probably a case of it becoming more and more difficult thinking up new names for all the young animals being born at KKOZ!

Anhyhoo, for those of you not too familiar with the wonderful black-capped capuchin, they are also known as brown capuchin, tufted capuchin, and pin monkey, though please don't ask me what the pin is all about either!

The black-capped capuchin is a specie of New World primate with populations widespread throughout South America, particularly around the Amazon Basin. They are considered as one of the smartest monkey species being able to use objects they find to drink from, to stick into crevices and holes enabling them to pull out food, and to crush open hard-shelled nuts and coconuts. Their tail is prehensile, meaning it can be wrapped around things for holding onto, which works very nicely as a fifth limb.

Hope that was of at least a little interest to some! Wishing you a highly enjoyable Sunday and a lovely week ahead :^)

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