Twas the last day of school so I thought I'd go celebrate by traipsing through some really tall grass. However, my dad decided to mow all of it down in the pasture. I was brokenhearted. Then I found this beautiful little meadow in our own backyard! Further observation revealed it was full of poison ivy and buffalo gnats. But I really wanted my tall grass so I barged in anyway. Apparently I thought I was invincible and forgot I had horrible allergic reactions to anything that itches. I narrowly dodged all poison ivy and got 21 (pretty sure that's a record) massively swollen, insanely itchy gnat bites. Needless to say, I cut my adventure short to go bathe in Benadryl.After I finally stopped itching, I sat down (keeping all bug bites untouched) and started to work on my photos. My original plan was to have a very dark, high contrast evil forest, but neither Photoshop nor my image wanted to cooperate. I beat my head against a wall for an hour then decided that if that wasn't who the photo wanted to be I wouldn't make it be that way. It's a free spirit to choose who it wants to be! I also didn't want to sacrifice 21 itchy bites for nothing. So I decided to try something softer, close it and walk away. I opened it back up the next morning and was all "Wow. I'm an idiot. That looks awesome." So instead of Mr. Evil Killer Forest I wound up with some fairy meadow thingy. I kinda like it. I think the photo's happier too. ;)

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