A silly idea for todays photo, this photo has a decent amount of shop work to it, mainly from the textures I added. I normally don't add textures to my photos but because I was working with a plain white wall I wanted to make it look a little more gritty. I also added quite a bit of noise to the final image too. Then there is also the added shadow from my little prop gun.

This isn't exactly what I envisioned but its close enough, if I had more time or money I would come up with something better. Mainly doing some better lighting but one light is alright, didn't have much room to work with for this photo. If I could I would have actually got a child to do the "handgun" and someone with a more well defined (well bigger really) hand to do the shadow with the prop gun. Then I would actually take this photo in a run down looking place but whatever. There are always some limitations and there is only so much photoshop work I'm willing to do. Either way it was a funny idea and I liked how it turned out.

Strobist info
Nikon SB-800 bare camera left not even 1 foot left and up from the camera pointing down towards my hand firing at 1/4 power.
Silver reflector camera right along with a white wall directly to the right of me as fill.

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