Banganga, is considered to be a tributary of River Ganga. Legend has it that the spring was created by an arrow shot by Rama (the hero of the epic Ramayana), who rested here while on a mission to rescue his beloved Sita from the demon king's abode in Lanka. The tank's name derives from this story - Baan ("arrow") + Ganga (Ganges River).

Today Banganga is a popular tourist destination in Mumbai, as its a vivid paradox of unbridled modern city life muddled with traditional beliefs.

It is common to find Hindu priests with faithfuls, conducting pujas (worship) for various ends. The pond is also abode for ducks of various kinds which are often the subjects of various young budding photographers. However, if you are sensitive and patient, Banganga is a spiritual experience for sure.

In Hinduism - shaven heads for men is a symbol for grief and mourning for the loss of parent (usually father). The brothers, here join to pray for their father - the elder brother offering water to Gods while the younger one, with his own thoughts as he steps into the water.

Together, they were in their grief and prayers.

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