Adde Adesokan

Triptychs of Strangers #17, The Cautious Doubter - Hamburg

About this shot
I normally shoot around hotspots in hamburg. That saturday I felt like walking out trying my luck just around my corner.

As I met her she said that she likes taking pics but dislikes being photographed. I offered her to take pictures and if she didn't like them: deletion immediately.

About this stranger
Meet Henriekje … 44 years old and she lives in my neighbourhood about 300m away from my flat - she works as a Medical Typist Assistant.

She went out this sunny saturday morning, because she couldn't bear waiting for the call of her ex-boyfriend. They broke up lately and it seemed like the last word remained to be said. So she went out to kill some time, because Henriekje hates being alone … and she has been alone for a while.

It has not been always like that. Henriekje was married and has two daughters (16,17). But after the divorce things changed, especially because her daughters live with their father 30km away from Hamburg. Nevertheless the divorce turned out well - she points out the excellent relationship with her girls and as they grow older and older it's more like they are best friends… the downside: sometimes solitude … until she met her now to be ex-boyfriend and hopefully soon to be boyfriend ;-)

"At this point I must say what an odd situation to meet a guy who has this kinda strange hobby taking ridiculous pics in odd position of innocent people in the streets" - haha.

Henriekje loves to travel, unfortunately not often enough. The last year she went to egypt and is still on fire talking about that nile cruise. She has also been to Tenerife, Poland and Danmark a couple of times and always takes her analog camera with her.

By far the most personal situation I experienced while talking to a stranger. And she is actually the first stranger who ever walked me home.

Henriekje was very shy and cautious in the beginning and her skepticism lasted very long (hope you can see that in the pictures). But in the end she was satisfied with the results and agreed in posting her picture and story. Special thanks!

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