A slight re-edit on one of my favourite pictures I took last year, I wanted to bring out the vibrancy of the lindor choccy a bit more.Tibby the cat spent hours chasing these chocolates round the house at Christmas. Don't be fooled Tibby is a real teenage tear away, we got her last year from a cat rescue place, she was in there about 3 months no one wanted her as she has no tail, no one knows how she lost it but over the past 9 months we have had her I can understand why she may have lost it, she gets in neighbours cars, goes in local shops and comes home smelling of perfume, she has also been spotted attacking dogs tied up outside our local shop, she has an attitude I have never know in a cat, but trust me when she is tired she is one of the most affectionate cats I have ever owned. one in a million !!!
I appreciate the quality is low but this was shot in very low light with a monster iso, likewise a know the eye is not in complete focus, like tibby I was fixated on the chocolate !!! Sometimes I find an image is not all about the sharpness or the hdr false lighting sometimes its just about the moment you capture, life is never perfect and nor is photography however hard we try to make it, hey what is perfect, the only thing I can think of is a newborn day, a new born child (my wife !!!).

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