Following on from the last picture I posted of our first (of four!) leopard sightings during my latest trip to Kenya's Masai Mara last month, as lucky as I thought we were to catch the young male out in the open, suddenly out of a thicket his sister appeared!

Most driver/guides in the Mara have two-way radios that they use to communicate with each other and report the animals they are seeing in their vicinity, which can of course be of enormous benefit. Felines usually being top of a safari-goer's sighting wish list, headed by the traditionally illusive leopard, when a call comes over the airways of a leopard having been seen every other encounter is quickly abandoned while drivers race to the location.

Our vehicle was the third to show up and, like the other two, we tried to maintain a respectful distance so as to not cause any stress to the leopards. Unfortunately, as more vehicles arrived, one inexperienced driver managed to do something to piss the male off - really not sure what, as my face was pressed up hard to my camera! - hence the fiery expression that ensued.

Though in this relatively small-size picture they're not as clear to make out as in the first one I shared of him, the male's eyes are more greenish in hue. His sister, however, still retained the blue eye-colour that most cubs are born with, a colour that eventually transforms into the greenish golden-brown of adulthood, and at this transitional stage, as you can hopefully see, her eyes had the appearance of icy-blue, which lent toward a perfectly apt title for this picture, as she was endeavouring to keep her bother calm, rubbing up against him and eventually curling her tail in comfort around him, which was the next frame I captured.

If you have something of a passion for animals as well as wildlife photography and wish to join us in Kenya on our next photo safari, feel free to contact me anytime for more details: natureimpressions@yahoo.com

As opposed to regular safaris, we concentrate on improving your photographic skills and getting you into the most favourable situations in the field that will enable you to capture the best images of every given opportunities. We currently offer 7-day, 10-day, and 14-day photo safaris in Kenya, in addition to which I will be happy to share my knowledge of developing photos to help you bring out the very best of your own.

Thank you for sharing your time with me and wishing you a wonderful weekend!

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