If Geena Davis could see me now !!!! :)))------------Sarcophagidae---the Flesh Fly is a scavenger fly species that usually feeds on meat scraps and dead animal carcasses. Bleah ! These insects have been known to carry over 100 different kinds of disease causing germs.Female flesh flies retain eggs within their bodies until the eggs are ready to hatch. The larvae are deposited directly onto the food , flesh wounds, which the larvae will eat from. The life cycle for the flesh flies can be completed in 8 to 21 days.Some Other Facts About Flies:Flies have over 4,000 facets for sight in each eye.Flies are attracted by movement more than color.Flies have a smelling distance of over 750 yards.A fly's feeding range is usually limited to two miles.A single garbage can, if not emptied, can be the breeding ground for 30,000 flies.During warm weather, a fly can produce a family generation in less than two weeks. I hate them ....I think I've said enough...somebody has to do the dirty job on this planet ...Have a great day !..fly free ! Thank you !!!!

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