Wow. 7 hours of continuous post-processing. Woke up early today and the day was pretty productive!

Alright, I've come to know that love themes tend to be way more interesting in media than any other theme. And so I am planning a few love theme shoots in the near future. Christina Perri's the one who got my mind into this. Her songs + their lyrics + her way way creative official lyric videos, made by elliot sellers! wow. She's amazing!
This one's inspired by Bang Bang Bang by Christina Perri. And I've been listening to her album on repeat all these 7 hours of post-processing and can listen to it all night long. It just helps magically, gets your mind to how you want your image to be.

To announce, I finally won another contest as a 1st Place on facebook! And I realize June has been the best month so far for me! wth EVERYTHING. But yea I'm gonna talk about photography here. I've been productive pretty much whole month, am instantly learning photoshop day by day like a PRO (coz I love all my recent heavy photoshopped images I've worked on and am quite satisfied), won 3 photography contests in 1.5 weeks, in a row! Got a job oppurtinuty as a graphic designer and umm that's all I can remember now. =)

To quote some touchy sayings from Perri's blog, which can motivate you in every step of your life, as they motivate me, via CP's experiences;
*if you focus on you, spend time on you—things will happen to you. simple.
*if you wake up in the morning + don’t immediately look at your phone or computer, your day will be better. i bet you.
*self love is the very first step to real love, so look in the mirror + kiss yourself. go.
*make every single dream happen + don’t give up or give in.
*dream so fucking big its ba. na.nas."

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