I met Tony at a gig I happened to be shooting for some friends that were in the band. He was standing at a the bar deep in conversation with another tattooed guy, but of the two, Tony really stood out with his facial tattoos and his cool looking elongated trilby (you'll see it in a later post don't worry).

I didn't even think about what to ask, nor hesitate. I just blurted out that I'd love to shoot him because he looked so interesting. Let's face it, the worst that could happen is a flat refusal. Fortunately for you and I, he said yes.

I thought it best to let the seasonal festivities to get out of the way before organising a shoot with him.

Obviously lots of questions were asked of each other when we finally met at his apartment. Both being creative types, we bounced off each other well.

Turns out Tony is a fantastic tattooist of some 20 years experience and studied sculpture amongst other things at art college. He's originally from Bangkok where he has his own successful studio and has lived here for 3 years or so. He's currently waiting for a new shopping centre in Leeds to be completed before he opens his own shop there in around 3 months.

One great thing that came from this shoot, apart from meeting Tony who's a genuinely nice guy, is that in the future because of his own business, we may well end up working together. Which in turn will lead to further introductions to new and interesting people.


I have to say, I'm in no rush with the stranger project. I'm not setting a target of how many, or only focussing on "street". I just want to focus on taking great pictures of interesting people.


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