Adde Adesokan

Triptychs of Strangers #22, The Ageless Sunday Lady

Story about this shot
The second stranger I met on my short London trip. I immediately recognized her red skirt, everything else was just routine.

About this stranger
Meet Lia, our stranger #22. She has been living in London for about a year now. We don't know her exact age, I tried hard but she wouldn't tell me. Maybe she doesn't really look her age and likes to pass a few year younger or older. Maybe she is in her thirties, even though she didn't turn an eyelid as I asked her. Another try: "I am thirty-one, how about you?" … She was just smiling again.

Lia is an ageless woman. And she is also petite and attractive. Londoners, watch out for this good catch. Her relationship status is still to be changed from complicated to taken.

She loves Sundays … she might not start a good Sunday with a sunday roast, but it's her favorite dish - that's for sure. People from England are capable of many things considering breakfast habits imo - they would get away with murder here. But she is from Australia anyway …

Talking about Sundays, she is a blogger and her streetfashion blog is called: State of Sunday. And now guess which days of her week are less labour intensive than a Sunday? You are right … all of them. Holy Christ!

She mainly writes about new styles in the streets (Southbank, Portobello Road or Nottinghill) or around fashion shows. London is surely a great place to r.e.a.c.h out for fashionistas. Take some time and drop by - really interesting.

At this point I have to declare that you, my fellow readers, are doomed to disappointment: This shot was taken on a Saturday.

Lia, Stranger #22 must be "The Ageless Sunday Lady"

Enjoy your Sundays!

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