The region of West Africa made of the countries of Benin, Ghana,
Nigeria and Togo is a land steeped in the occult and superstition.
In a land populated by millions, nearly half of claim belief in the
traditional practice of Voodoo and claim it as their practised
religion. An exponential growth of the practise of Voodoo has seen
rise to Voodoo fetish markets, making access to the purchase of
traditional voodoo accessories easier for believers to practise sacred
rites. In a land with an inferior medical infrastructure, Voodoo
alleviates the fears of its believers and is seen as a way of protecting
them from diseases, most often brought on by evil spirits. One such
fetish is the Acodessewa market, famed as a work place for many healers
offering dried animal parts, diverse herbs and created talisman and sold
to protect the believer from conflict with the supernatural world.
The practise has given rise to the slaughter of animals listed on the
endangered species list such as Rhinos for their horns, elephants for
their tusks and even the paws of the great mountain gorillas.
Regardless of the cost to the animal world, this ancient belief is
superseded by the innate fear of the population, driven by money making
healers. Fear drives purchasers of rites to spend anywhere between
$30 and $800, all sold to guarantee the user a pass from sickness and the
fear of death. How is the cost of these rites determined?
Only the healer ever really knows.

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