We had a nice cold sunny day today, so I went out to try my luck again with birds. I must say the G12 is NOT the best tool for this type of subject but, perseverance, frozen fingers, and 260 shot later, I got one, that I was happy with. For birds you need to use a fast shutter speed, so you need lots of light. This post was shaded by trees, so the only way I could use a 1/2000 shutter speed without a terrible noisy high ISO was to use a fill flash. Thankfully the G12's built in flash does sync up to 1/2000 (a nice perk to built in flash on P&S cameras). This allowed the ISO to stay at 250. But this was such a painful process. Most of the time the birds would fly off before the slow contrast focus could lock. I ended up pre-focusing on the post and waiting for them to come to me. Use the tools that you have. I also needed a slighter high F number to get the bird in focus as the focus point would be just in front... Here the P&S poor DOF (deep) was a plus to have. It's not an Axel Hildebrandt quality shot, but I think it is prety good considering the equipment I had to work with. Hope everyone enjoys it.

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