The Age of Reason, the Western reductionist health system, and rationale-based education has brought us the point where we have to read books to unlearn: to recall our roots in nature and innate connection to all other life. Our true human wellbeing depends on the most natural simple things, a fact sometimes too basic to remember.

Our modern world is caught in a current moving towards a chemical-dependent, self-destructive synthetic planet where the simplest reliance on nature - on food, water, sunlight and happiness as our natural prevention and cure of ills - becomes viewed as a primitive pipe dream, a surreal tall story.

We must learn again to listen to our bodies, to nourish them with nutrients to engage and not dull our senses; to consider our mind and bodies a holistic model, and to detoxify ourselves from the poisons we are showered in from our self-appointed authorities through both ignorance and greed. To choose to heed the truth is to reconnect with nature and grow towards finding the light. It is to heal the rift that the technocratic model has brought, to engage with our higher consciousness and ensure that true human needs, ultimately love, can never be felled.

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