Antonio Cesar Durruthy

El teatro Campo Amor de la Habana(sin comentarios)

!Teatro Campoamor, don't miss what remains of you fall precipitously to the ground!
Yérguete as it were, a colossus of the comedy and the vaudeville, zarzuela and operetta, of the vernacular and the humorous salads as in Elias of the old testament passage surjas of your dry bones today with your ashes!!!!

Teatro Campoamor, Miguel Barnet Chronicle taken from Cuban architecture. Metamorphosis, thought and criticism. Selection of texts. Artecubano Ediciones, La Habana, 2002.
The next chronicle entitled Teatro Campoamor, Miguel Barnet, was published in the Cuban architecture book. Metamorphosis, thought and criticism (texts by various authors).
In my adolescence throne saw paraded by the teatro Campoamor to the Andalusian cuplet engordadas with Jaburgo ham and bread of garlic to the untuned tenors who sang Granada or swear me with bags of three buttons and hair envaselinados, to the coloraturas to screaming up split the eardrum empinaban to meet the acute solitude of Rodrigo Pratsthe old Piaget and Alice Rico improvising sausages outputs Creole ingenuity to save those fuzzy sketches written by penpusher left forever forgotten. The Mandrake magician with his wide pants and their gold teeth coruscantes and cold. Mandrake the magician one day disappeared forever in a street in Havana which today we call centre. Populous Street industry and coffee in front of the theater, where my paternal uncles were given CITES with the Argentine artists arrivals in companies of tango that despedazaban because of sudden tropical romance.
Teatro Campoamor embraced its zenith with the Afro-Cuban evenings organized by Fernando Ortiz and the Hispanocubana of culture, where Cuban anthropologist took the stage for the first time Paul Roche batá drums in 1936. That same year Ortiz sponsored by Hispanocubana the Poetry Festival which led Juan Ramón Jiménez. Young voices were heard there: Lezama, Cintio and Fina attended Juan Ramón, despite his character venetic, you gave him much encouragement of Cuban poetry. To exquisite morsel this island, and how dangerous!, exclaimed the Andalusian poet in Havana

Figures such as Eusebia Cosimo and Berta Singermann illustrated more warm and deep and also the epidermal and pintoresquita of black poetry in vogue, so many things...Today the Campoamor shells are all that is left of that theatre where grey trousers I celebrated my nine years of age. Regrettable bicycle gear and a nest of rats are exhibited in the corner of remote glories. Today I saw on the news that there have been 4 dead in Havana in the derrunbe of a building and I uploaded this photo of my cuba because I think that it should greatly improve the way of life but much how people live in Cuba, there are a lot of buildings in Cuba to improve... and this photo is an example of this

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