Maria got married at an early age of 16. She had 3 children and a drunk husband who spent most of his time inside a cockfigting arena working as a Kristo (cockfighting arbiter or a referee - the guy who shouts in the middle of the arena asking the crowd to place their bets before two opposing fighting roosters are let loose with razor-sharp blades attached to thier feet). Maria never finished her high school landing meager jobs like washing clothes for her neighbors and friends for a small fee. Maria heard of her friends working overseas as maids and thought this might be her chance to earn a better living and, in a way, escaping her husband's quarrels because of jealousy and drunkeness. After spending 20 years in Singapore, Maria was able to send all her children to universities and was able to build a decent home for herself - her husband not included. Ten years before Maria finally settled back to her hometown in Leyte, her husband ended sleeping with another clothes washer, prompting her to leave him and focused her energy to her children. This year, Maria will finally go home happy with all of her chidlren meeting her at the Manila International Airport. Maria says her life is a fulfilled one.

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