Bangalore is undisputedly the software hub for the IT industry from where India churns out billions of dollars worth of backend work for corporations located abroad. It is a thriving metropolis gone to seed already. The infrastructure just can not cope up.

Flickr is dotted with a rather large number of software and allied engineers who work in Bangalore. This post is to them and their lives.

On the Bangalore Mysore highway, about 50 kms out is a place called Ramadevaraya which is a hill rising up on the right hand side of the road. This is just before the town of Ramanagaram.

A small narrow road snakes up passing the ubiquitous schools of higher professional learning that come up at the oddest of places in India as commercial education mongers set up their shops anywhere and everywhere they can find a place. So once you have passed the College of Pharmacy and climbed up a smaller hill you come to a small meadow with a lake and barred gates of red blue and white set up by the temple organisers. The stairs about 300 of them leading up to the temple repeat the same color scheme of blue red and white.

There were children raising up a merry din and you could hear that from afar. I thought there was a school group out on a jaunt but there were only 6 of them from the village nearby and it looked that the nearby schools and colleges would never see these young ones in their classrooms anytime soon, as they were blissfully unaware of attending a school and what education could or could not give them.

Portrayed here is Sita with a flawless dark skin and she sports a fearless red bindi and possesses an elegant jaw line, high cheekbones and collagen full lips and an inborn grace and poise that was amazing to see and remember the lack of it in the so called professional models that one tends to bump into ever so often. No tutoring what so ever was required. She is a born natural.

This was shot in May 2010 and Poonam Parihar, a fellow Flickr and a software person was also there along with Pooja Prabhu from the LSE, In fact you can find more details of the trip on Poonam's blog.

Poonam says she lost all her footage from the shoot due to a wrong press of a button. I hope the software guys do not delete this nation one day like this ;-)

This then is as much from her as from me.

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