This is Mossberg, a German Shorthaired Pointer who is currently boarded with us for training. I've posted photos of him before.

We train mostly Labrador Retrievers. We do have one Chesapeake Bay Retriever in residence, but that's still a retriever. Pointers aren't our usual fare.

Bruce put out a Craigslist ad when business was slow last spring in the interests of picking up another client, and the first reply we got was from this dog's owner - he wanted his dog to be obedient and to learn the ropes of field work so he'd have a hunting companion.

Bruce knows a lot about all phases of dog training, and particularly in regards to hunting dogs, so he took the dog and started working with him.

Great dog! He's beautiful and athletic and friendly, VERY "birdy" and stylish, he took to pointing pigeons and pheasants immediately and he even thinks retrieving is a lot of fun. (GSPs are amazing dogs and a credit to German dog breeding programs, but they don't usually take to fetch work, while this guy will do it just to stretch his legs.)

Long story short, the owner fell on hard times and though the dog is still with us and is in training, he has put Mossberg up for sale, I snapped a short series of photos back when things started to fall apart to help him and his dog out.

I didn't care for the color version of this one, but with a little manipulation I discovered I really liked it in mono, so I thought I would share.

Oh, and did I mention he's for sale? lol

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