The Back Beach was my favourite playground as a kid, made all the more exciting because entry was strictly forbidden and securely fenced off but we had made a break in the cyclone wire fence at ground level just below the "Trespassers will be Prosecuted" sign.

This natural shoreline was directly behind the Rifle Range where the Australian Army practiced target shooting into high earth mounds with 303 rifles and pistols and this area was sprayed with stray bullets to the constant sounds of POP, POP, POP and TAT, TAT, TAT. Even this was not enough to keep us away from rock-hopping the basalt rocks looking for crabs and other sea creatures and gathering frog spawn from the fresh water pools. The Army couldn't see us over the high mounds and the target changers wouldn't dare get out of their bunkers for fear of getting shot. It was a private playground.

I also made good money there on non-shooting days by gouging the earth mounds for 303 bullets which were then heated in a steel cauldron to melt out the lead and pour it into large ingots to sell to scrap metal dealers at the highest prices.

I still dream and think about those wonderful times. The Rifle Range is now a housing estate and entry to this area is legal.

This is not HDR. It is a single RAW file taken with the WG Big Stopper.

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