Irawan Subingar

the gentleman of Baduy (Baduy series 3)

Baduy people do not using light on their house neither for their daily activities. This means no television, no refrigerator, no air conditioner and no frozen food.

The Baduy Adage :
“Lojor ulah dipotong, pondok tong disambung.
(Long shall not be cut, Short shall not be lengthened)

This motto can be translated that we are, as human/ person, just to receive what we have got to as it is, whatever God give it to us. We will live through that, as a submission for our life.

The personality of Baduy people is interesting, their body is stilt, clear yellowish skin, straight forwardness, never laughing or joking, look arrogant but humble, honest, strong resolution but not stubborn, not easy to be influenced or persuaded, but never giving trouble to others. No invalid person was found so far. The most striking tradition and ways of life which is actually the fundamental character of nation to reach a dignity are the following 10 ways of life called Dasa Sila especially no.1,2,3,4, and 5.

1. No killing
2. No thievery
3. No cheating
4. No alcohol
5. No polygamy
6. No eating after sunset
7. No flower or perfume
8. No died sleep
9. No plunge into art Joyfulness

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