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The Invisible Thread of Humanity - Part 4 of 7

Have you seen Martin Scorsese’s brilliant masterpiece, “Hugo”? It’s a movie about a 12 year old boy who receives the gift of critical thinking (problem solving) and a foundation of love from his attentive father, which prepares him to survive in a cruel world. Hugo not only survives, but is also able to use the “key of love” to unlock the bitter heart of an old man and to make the world a better place.

This brings me to my forth entry in this series on humanity: How many of us travel through life on autopilot lacking self-awareness, just surviving, never questioning reality or why we continue to allow the world to define who we are?

The human mind is essentially a biological computer. We come into this world with an “operating system” that manages our biological functions and gives us our basic instincts. The moment we are born, the people and the environment around us begin downloading programs into our memory system. The child who is not held by his mother receives a program that says, “You are not loveable.” Where as the child who receives love is programmed with a foundation of well-being.

We as parents are tasked with a divine purpose when we bring a child into this world to provide them with the best possible programming to help them to mature, and to flourish and to achieve their God given destiny. Just like Hugo, we can reject the labels that the world puts upon us, we can repair our brokenness and we can help others to rewrite the negative programs that keep them trapped and unable to achieve their purpose in life.

I took this photograph in a small village south of Agra in India.

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Here's an amazing interview with Dr. Bruce Lipton regarding the programming of the subconscious brain. It is worth your time:

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