For those who have been following my work more closely on facebook, you'll know that the other day I went and bought $111.00 worth of flour for this shoot. The ladies at the store (that I'd sold out of the baking aisle) looked at me and my towering cart w/ complete confusion. I probably followed it up w/ something like "Oh, no... it's okay, ladies... I'm a
Has that sentenced ever left your lips too? I feel like I've said that sentence my fair share over the last 6 years always justifying reallllly messy ideas and big productions or sneaking into strange places or doing over the top things.

This image was shot, literally, across the entire floor of my kitchen. Of course being an impulsive artist and not wanting to miss the light, I didn't even put down tarps. The flour was so thick and high across my kitchen floor that you could have built (baked ;) sandcastles.
It was literally like swimming in my kitchen.

This, though it may not look it, was one of the most difficult shoots I've ever done. It was enough hauling all of that flour to and from the store (my car was a giant anchor) but because this is a self portrait I realized how difficult it is/was to shoot under what was verrrrry heavy, packed flour, get the right angles, not get flour in any of the wrong places (everytime I'd move, some would fall in my face or my eye and then in my mouth.
Also, when my eyes began to water I realized flour (in my eyes? OF COURSE) started to cake up and it began to glue my eyes shut. Of course this endeavor went on for a good 4 hours.

This image is very symbolic for me.
It was initially created because I decided to go platinum blonde about a week or two ago and I wanted to play on that w/ the element and symbolism of lightness, creating something ethereal.

However, I also wanted to allude to very certain things like fertility and how certain things (ie: the color white and flowers across the stomach, for example) can be symbols of that lightness, new possibility and growth. But, as with much of my work, there's a bit of a dark side. Is that a light feeling, really, or does it feel, in some ways like you are surprised w/ no control over those decisions? Are those flowers symbols of growth or placed like one would to the ground in a game of remembrance?
Can it feel like drowning or is it floating? Is it snow or ash? Cold or warm, etc.
I wanted the expression to be rather blank to leave that as a question w/ out a solid answer.
Is it beautiful or ghostly?
I decided to only have things showing that were symbols of femininity: face, breast, stomach.
Hand only reaching up to meet the flower. The rest remaining buried as if it may not matter.

Is this person emerging or is this person drowning? That's the final question.

So, there you have it.

I'll leave the rest open to interpretation, but it's one of my most symbolic pieces.

I hope you all are well!
I'm a flaxen haired viking warrior princess fairy creature person now. That can only mean more portraiture.

If you'd like to see me more than once in a millenia, I'm always at work and more often on bookface or twitter. I post a ton of BTS and am just available over at each.

ash x

ppppssss: i have about 3 spots open in May for "Project Muse" | email to book: ashleylebedev@gmail.com

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