Giving a picture a caption or title is something I have always enjoyed, as while I may not be able to think up something real zippy or memorable all the time every now and then I come up with something that really makes me smile. Sometimes a title will shout itself out to me soon as it come up large on my screen – as was the case with “Roaring Practice” for the little lion cub in my avatar – though on other occasions I may struggle a while before I can think of anything that seems to be apt.

And then there are times when I'll come up with a picture like this one, with the yellow-billed ox-peckers doing what they do on this marvellous Cape buffalo as he studiously kept an eye on me, that seems so overloaded with potential captions that I'm hard put to choose a favourite to go with.

I had been wanting to capture an image of this commonly seen symbiotic relationship between these two African species since I first saw them interact on my first Kenyan safari back in 2006, but I was looking for something a little more unique from other images I'd seen, so last June in the Masai Mara again soon as I saw one of the ox-peckers go the extra mile with the buffalo's nose I knew this was the moment I'd been waiting for.

In case you're interested, below you will find some of the other captions I came up with before settling on “The Last We Saw of Bob”, oh, and feel free to let me know if you come up with any more!

But I Saw Him Climb In

He Can't Just Disappear!

I Know You're In There

It's No Use Hiding!

You Can't Hide Forever

We Charge Extra For Nose Jobs

This Is Going To Cost Extra

The Cleaning Crew

Be The Job Big Or Small

How Deep You Wanna Go?

You Sure It's Up There?

The Nostril Vice Hold

OK You Win, Let Him Go!

Let Go, He Didn't Mean It!

Searching For An Idea

No Light at End of Tunnel

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