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_Fluid Time I - Architecture as parallel reality..._ 
Chicago - Jay Pritzker Pavilion (Arch. Frank Gehry) & Aon Center (Arch. Edward Durell)

T/S LE = Tilt + Shift + Long Exposure
Shot with Canon TS-E 24mm f/3.5L II – maximum tilt & shift, using the Formatt Hitech Filters ProStop IRND JT (aka Joel Tjintjelaar) Signature Edition filter kit, the best ND filters I've used so far, and processed using extensively Topaz Labs BW Effects 2, ReMask & Detail 3 + PS CS6 & LR5  (don't forget you can use the code “juliaannagospodarou” to get 15% discount for ordering any Topaz product at this link )

A long time since my last architectural image, you might wonder if I'm still doing photography : ) Well, the answer is YES, more than ever, but now that I'm doing it professionally I'm spending time doing a lot more than just working on my images (which I still love more than everything else). Not that I don't like the whole process, it's so very exciting and it suits me like a glove, but you have to know, doing photography as a business is much more than shooting and processing your photos, SO much more!! And you have just one choice, if you want to do your job at a top level, you have to spend time doing all the things around it. That's what I did with the Chicago Workshop, that's what I did with the Athens Workshop that took place this past weekend and was a great success ) and that's what I do with all my other activities, be they teaching, mentoring or else. 

This is the first image I'm posting from the Chicago workshop, a workshop I did with a great team of photographers and that is still the architectural event of the year. Chicago is a amazing place and has won a big place in my heart. As Frank Lloyd Wright says: "Eventually, I think Chicago will be the most beautiful great city left in the world...” He is right and I'm already looking forward to the moment I'll be back there! 

And now, as always from me, a few words about my vision behind this image.

Time, space ...they are just conventions. Living inside them can be just as easy as living outside them and the reality of living outside them can be just as real as the one of relating to them. If you need a proof just try to dream. Who says that dreaming is not a reality? Just as imagination can be reality as well. Who says that the world needs to have a material shape to be real? 
Who says that we have to always relate to the same constants that are time and space and not create different times and different spaces that will cover different realities?...
Different from what you were used from me lately, more in line with my older architectural work, it's been a long time since I've showed an entire building in a frame, let alone 5 buildings, but I was thinking for a long time to make a series as the one I'm starting today. If you know me you know I love long exposure, I love motion blur and any kind of blur that can give me the freedom to bypass reality and go where noone else has been. I love the freedom these ways of seeing the world give to my imagination and now I also have a lens that will help me with putting in practice what my mind has already seen a long time ago: The Queen of the Lenses, Her Majesty The T/S Lens. : ) This image is the beginning of a direction I wanted to explore for a long time, architecture as a parallel reality. What I'm always looking for in my architectural images is to find the dream in architecture, in essence to find the soul of the building I'm photographing. I think now I'm closer than even to this soul and I'll show it to you too over the months to come. 

_Technical data:_ 141.0 sec. @ f/11, ISO 100, Canon 5D MK3, Canon TS-E 24mm f/3.5L II, 10+3 stops Hitech ProStop IRND filters. Processing: LR5, PS CS6, Topaz B&W Effects 2_

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