It's a dark one, so view it on black if you'd be so kind.

Long gone are the days I spent in my mid twenties when I had pretty much nothing to be responsible for. Working for myself I made enough just to get by and would blow the rest of my money on gas. I would literally wake up every morning at 3am to make the 1.5 hour drive to Mt. Hood for a sunrise shoot, then drive straight back. I'd check the coastal webcams and if there was even the slightest chance of light (which never amounted to anything) I'd be jammin out there. On a whim I would get the itch to go shoot Glacier for the 10th time that year. Such was the case with this shot.

Unfortunately in my travels, I never stumbled across never-neverland, where I could stay young and care-free. Not that I don't enjoy being a father, partner, weight lifting world champion, etc.. I really do love my life and family. I've never been happier. I guess just going back over older photos from my many many solo travels of the past decade makes me a little nostalgic.

This one was from one such solo trip to Glacier National Park on a whim. I snowshoed mile after mile the day before, scouting the eastern shore for comps of Stanton Mountain singled out from the rest of the peaks that create the backdrop to Lake McDonald. Having found a comp, the next morning I arrived to a sky that has been a benchmark for "epic light" to me ever since. I stood in the half frozen lake knee deep for well over an hour... long enough for the cycle of cold, pain, then numbness to run it's course through my legs a few times and for ice to form on my snow pants. Never once did I stop smiling. It's a moment I remember often, and reworking this old shot today brought it all back.

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