Irawan Subingar

bring the paddy back home (Baduy series 5)

Try to imagine this, carrying 30 kg of rice with a yoke on the shoulders up and down the hills as far as 15 kilometer on bare feet.
Look at those legs which as strong as concrete. And the path are very slippy when wet.
FYI, the Baduy rejects all modern life, including footwear.

That is how Baduy man bring the rice which has just finished the drying to stored in their traditional rice barn. Every family has their own barn to store the rice.

As a precaution, Baduy (or Bedouins) do not sell their rice crops. January to March is Kawalu. Months of rice harvest season celebration for indigenous Bedouin village Kanekes, Pandeglang, Banten. Despite of the harvest, but the Baduy residents increasingly emphasized the simple life, such as fasting and abstaining from eating eggs.

Young families on average have a barn, but the elders can have up to twenty's. When the harvest is abundant, they can save rice in sufficient quantities as a backup to face famine in the next year.

Usually, when there is a bad harvest, Baduy would help each other to lend their deposits rice.

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