To obtain this very different view of this remote canyon in Utah's Escalante, I composed a nearly spherical image, shooting all around me and moving myself out of the frame as needed. All in all, I combined a total of 11, 14mm images with my Nikon D800, all with different tilts of the lens. In Photoshop I was able to render every detail here as recorded and stitch/transform it back into a flat plane of view using a variety of techniques of my own creation. The image encompasses probably a 250-degree field of view but without apparent 'fisheye' distortion.

I did all this work to show off both arches, which I have always been attracted to. The central column shown in this image is actually a 2ft-high arch stretching over my head while I was taking the shots. To add considerably to the difficultly, all these shots were blind or mostly blind, and taken with the camera on the ground. It took me two visits here two weeks in a row and about 10 hours of PS work to finally figure out how to put this all together correctly in a way I found pleasing and accurately portrayed the subject matter. I might have wished to move the central column a bit, but found this impossible.

Lastly, I let the highlights blow in every exposure on purpose to 'bleed' the light just a bit around the edges, another luminous effect I personally like.

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