Just before it was time to have Thanksgiving dinner, I noticed the clouds to the west seemed to be aligning for a spectacular sunset. Telling my family I'll be right back (I'm the worst kind of person), I jumped in my car and sped toward Seattle. First stop was Gasworks Park. From there I determined the clouds were a little too far to the west and I wouldn't be able to capture them behind the city. I then wondered if Kerry Park would be any better, so I then raced there to find that it wasn't. Disappointed in my choice, I felt my chances were growing slim of getting any sort of decent image from this outing. I stuck around for 10 minutes before realizing I need to try one more spot. As I was getting in my car and about to go on the 10-minute drive to the next cliché location, I saw that peak sunset colors were already happening to the west. It was the best sunset I had seen in months and I was about to miss it. I drove as fast as I could across town anyway.

Once arriving, I jumped out of my car and sprinted to the spot I know very well after many previous attempts photographing from there. The sunset color had mostly faded, but there was still an intense glow on the horizon. The blanket of fog that was fully covering the Puget Sound was slowly creeping over the city. If you look closely at the left side of the frame, you can see that only the tops of the container cranes at the Port of Seattle are sticking out of the thin, low-lying fog.

I was fortunate in that such an incredible sunset occurred on a holiday, as it created a rather unusual mood. Few cars were on the road and only a small number of floors were lit in the downtown skyscrapers. While everyone was at home eating dinner with their families, I felt like I was photographing a ghost town.

I hope this is one you all can enjoy. And for all those wondering, I made it back about 2 hours later and had dinner with my family. I'll call Thanksgiving 2013 a success.

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