First Note, the background of this photo is just for no to leave a white background

hello people!
It took me, but I came back!
For over weeks not photographing, just solving some problems and training issues photoshop ...
would like to bring several new images, angles, edits, cuts and everything that provides a real learning, but is really hard, I change, and now live in an apartment where I do not have white walls, which complicates the process, and still do not have money to set up my studio lol

My holidays are over and I have not studied everything he had promised to photograph, actually began to dedicate myself after I returned to work, and I'm improving, I have a lot to learn but do not want to leave the record of the steps outside.

This photo is the first of a sequence of pictures I took one night, the intention was to use them for training yourself, and have noticed several things.

First: When taking pictures using flashes off (or other situation) pay more attention to the results right after the click, as it is these results that will make your job easier then, because when looking at the photos on the LCD viewfinder of the camera quickly I believed that the lights were excelent, but the computer could see that in some places the hair ended up being too light and the ear is also that, believe it can complicate things enough time to remove the background photo.

Second, the background, like to have options at my fingertips, but as soon as possible I will make some funds, we must always look for funds that try to contrast enough with the subject photographed.

Third: Maybe things simple check list is a kind of exaggeration, but you may avoid a big mistake by me in this picture, because they do click before you start I had in mind which would put the bottom, which orientation of the picture, widescreen portrait or things would be easier as well, pesquenos details can save you minutes or hours of work and errors that you too lazy to fix rsrsrsrs

Good for not dwell more on this text go to the technique.

I started training material issues primarily by two people, but the inspiration and idea I copied (I hope it will not be offended) of Regina Pagles
And the descriptions of pictures of her I found two great authors and photographers that I tried to get their materials in this wonderful world of issues in photoshop

Calvinize - Calvin Hollyhood :

Matt Kloskowski - Photoshop Compositing Secrets :

Using the techniques of these two guys is possible to get impressive results, these studies found that especially for cutting hair, body, clothes ... There is not a definitive technique, and depending on each picture you will use a technique, another technique or both together looking for the best result,
In my image is not like the cut


Flash YongNuo 560 - the front with reflective umbrella (I no longer remember the power)

2 Flashes YongNuo 460 II - one on each side behind the subject aiming at the sides of the face.

Conclusion: I have to train more, seek more perfection and patience in Photoshop, when shooting to avoid silly mistakes and improve my techniques cut ...

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