What can I say? After only a single visit to this city I am definitely in love with Paris. I cannot say I have seen too many of the major cities of the world, but of those ones that I have been to, Paris tops the list. I don't know if I would like to live there longterm more than I do here in Portland, but I would definitely love to spend at least a year in Paris, wandering its streets and getting to know it on a more intimate level. I have tried to explain the difference to people. It isn't that the city is better or worse per se than say here. It isn't that the pace of life is faster or slower, or the fact that everyone in Paris just looks beautiful, both in the physical sense but in how they dress and present themselves as well. Rather, it is the difference I guess. That different perspective on things: life, time, history, culture, art. Experiencing changes in perspective on a regular basis is a healthy thing to do, I think. But even still, there is something to this city I cannot quite put my finger on, something that made me feel like I wanted to stay a while and be absorbed into the way life flows there. Shrugging. Someday I will definitely go back, and perhaps someday I will be able to stay a bit longer.

As for this image, once again from the Wall for Peace. Yeah, I know, it is gimmicky, but hey, I was having fun. The glass walls were fogged up with condensation and I took a bit of time drawing on them, trying to outline the tower in different shapes.

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