Intimidation – It was the only thing I could think of as I stared through my viewfinder at this massive Bison at Custer State Park in SD.

He was in a large herd comprised of at least 60 or 70 animals. As he moved through the herd, it was glaringly apparent that this bison had seen his share of victories against his rivals. In fact, large bulls that would otherwise have held their ground gingerly maneuvered out of his way, sometimes gracefully, sometimes with a reminder from his powerful horns. Respect and fear ruled the day, and this guy was king.

And I was less than 20 yards away with his full attention focused directly at me.

Anyone else in that situation may have felt fear, but not yours truly. I stubbornly held my ground, determined to capture the moment.

At first he only stared, but then the situation became more serious. He would wag his head in dominance, and even snort angrily from time to time. All the while his gazed fixed squarely on me. I remained steadfastly defiant. There was no way I was going anywhere, I had to get the photo!

Soon he started my direction. A lesser man would have wisely bolted, but not I. Firmly holding my position, I continued to photograph the massive beast.

He continued his approach, his aggression was almost palpable as he threats were ignored and I stubbornly refused to give way. He was finally just a few feet away – too close for my lens to focus. I could have left, but I decided to show him who was boss and held my position. He finally determined he was wasn’t going to win this battle, and moved on.

I showed him!

(Oh, did I mention I was in my truck this entire time? Hmm… I suppose I should have started with that, sorry for any confusion :) )

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