In a lonely backyard under a full moon
weeks of untamed grasses
tickle the bottoms of bare feet
wind chimes usually soft and melodious
sing out furiously, keeping time with the
stinging breath of a riling wind
while goosebumps break the skin
unprotected by sleeves of any kind tonight
a chin tilts skyward; hair whips madly
clouds up above that might otherwise linger
on a warmer, more lazy night
rush by overheard now
hurry hurry hurry
the wind is chasing at them
biting their heels, anxiously

lips part in a lack of self awareness
arms hang at sides, uselessly
eyes widen, taking it in, lost in the clouds
they seem to cover the sky
but for spaces of black ink in patches
large and small, leaked from some large well
and puffy thick here, thin and wan there
they flow, flit, fly by
racing past the moon
the orb burns bright and wide and round
and doesn’t flinch as each band of cloud
stretches and gallops before it
the glowing eye, stoic and almost aware
instead creates an explosion of color, a rainbow
bursting from nowhere, everywhere, right there on each cloud
lips purse and eyes narrow
then the mouth bends in a crooked smile
gears spin in my mind as my right brow arches
oh to be like the moon -
to brightly color and then chase away
all the fluff that dares to come between you and me.

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