En garde is a French phrase meaning 'on guard'. Used to warn a fencer to assume the position preparatory to a duel, or to warn an opponent in chess that their queen is threatened.
Salute, the bout is over, beads are building up, FOR ALL THE GLORIOUS DETAIL, View LARGE and On Black.

There are no secrets... it only took me years of experimenting in the studio. First you hit it with everything you've got, like all things in life, hihi, now it is less and less. Just one spotlight set up in the position so that the light catches the edges and part of the flower... until I'm happy... a black bg.
I use cutters and flags to shield and play with the light.
Photography is an Art, a way of life and seeing life, it is my passion, mental and emotional nourishment. All I can say is experiment, experiment, experiment... the exposure is irrelevant because each flower, light source is different. Make it your own!

Sometimes I just 'feeeeeeeeel' like this, a flower image in b&w...
I love the subtle tones, all the varied tones, that give the flower/petals/stems their texture, depth and form, their delectable shapes accentuated, extracted and emphasized without the colour. Don't you agree?

Giving my flowers SOUL? My Soul Flowers on youtube and Studio Flowers 2011
Why not take a few minutes, click on the links, sit back and relax, enjoy the beauty, you'll feel replenished?
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Enjoy and thanx, M, (*_*)
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