Barrel cacti are classified into the two genera Echinocactus and Ferocactus, both of which are found in the Southwest Desert of North America. Their pineapple-shaped fruits can be easily removed but are not recommended for eating. The barrel cactus may reach over a metre in height. Its ribs are numerous and pronounced and the spines are long and yellow. Small yellow flowers appear around the end of the plant only after many years. It is considered easy to grow and relatively fast growing. They may also produce round offshoots from the main The Seri Indians distinguished three species of barrel cactus:[1] mojepe simlsamahlataen' is a liquid found in the cactus and can be deadly if snifed. ( 'saguaro barrel cactus', Ferocactus acanthodes), siml caacöl ('big barrel cactus', Ferocactus covillei) and siml áa ('true barrel cactus', Ferocactus wislizenii). The species F. covillei also had several other names. The species Ferocactus covillei was also called siml cöquicöt, 'killer barrel cactus', to indicate that it should not be eaten or its liquid consumed.

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