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The Indian Wild Boar has a wide distribution through India, Nepal and Sri Lanka. A sub species is found in the Andaman & Nicobar Islands, the Andaman Wild pig. Adult boars are covered with stiff, coarse black and brindle hair with a thick crest from the nape and reaching down the back. Adult males have well-developed tushes (canines), both in the upper and lower jaws. These curve upward and protrude out from the long snout, giving them quite a formidable appearance. This razor sharp dentition is used both in internecine battle as well as in defence against predators. Females are more brown and smaller. Newborn piglets are brown with light or black stripes, and a favourite prey of Leopard.

The Indian Wild Boar is omnivorous and feeds on roots, grubs, tubers and carrion. Wild Boar are also known to kill whenever possible and are very quick in devouring such kills. There have been rare instances of Wild Boar killing monkeys and two Wild Boars tearing a jackal apart. They are fierce and powerful animals and present a formidable challenge even to predators like the Tiger (Panthera tigris) and Leopard (Panthera pardus). They are notorious crop raiders and can penetrate through the most well-made fence at night.

Wild boars have a keen sense of smell, but their eyesight and hearing are not that acute. They produce an assortment of sounds, with the most commonly heard one being a grunt emitted when the animal is surprised and while making a quick get away.

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